Roane County residents "disturbed" by discovery of dead body

A passerby discovered 23 year old Brooke Morris of Knoxville late Saturday night. Deputies said she had suffered gunshot wounds. (Facebook)
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ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)--While the Roane County Sheriff's Department tries to figure out what happened to a young girl found dead on the side of the road, people who live in the area are absorbing the shock.

A passerby discovered 23 year old Brooke Morris of Knoxville late Saturday night. Deputies told us she had suffered gunshot wounds.

Neighbors called it "disturbing."

"It's quite shocking. We're not used to having that kind of violence around this area," said Rex Spoon.

A Roane County resident for more than a decade, Spoon is seeing changes in his neighborhood.

"There's been an escalation of drugs in this area, and I think that's caused some break ins, but other than that we're not used to seeing that kind of thing here," he said.

For the first time since he settled his family in Oliver Springs, Spoon is worried about their safety.

"It's quite horrifying, knowing that my children are out here playing and knowing that we had something of that caliber happen right down the road," he added.

A young woman's body found, gun shot wounds pointing to murder. The discovery has him questioning law enforcement in the area.

"Were they brought here to Roane County because of lack of patrolling? Because they knew they wouldn't get caught here?That's one thing I fear."

That's why LC Jones said he's got his own protection plan.

"I got a gun in there and I'll shoot them," he told us.

Roane County Sheriffs deputies are working round the clock to find out what happened to Brooke Morris.

"Anytime there's a homicide investigation, there's a few people that kind of stick out and we try to talk to everybody. Until we talk to everybody and verify some things, we kind of treat them as suspects until we determine that they're not."

And as they sift through the suspects, Chief Deputy Tim Phillips said people in Oliver Springs shouldn't be worried.

"I think this was an isolated incident. I don't think it's something the people in this area should be concerned with," he said.

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