Pet services owner defends herself about burying dead animals

MORGAN CO. Tenn. (WVLT)- The state started looking at Elliott Pet Services in Morgan County in September.

Neighbors called Local 8 News, saying there was an unbearable smell coming from the property.

Tennessee Department of Environment Conservation opened an investigating and found several animal carcasses buried on the property.

Cameo Farr, has been operating her business since 1995, working with vets and pet owners who want their animals buried or cremated.

She says burying animals is part of her business.

Wednesday she stood with her attorney Kevin Angel, and talked with Local 8 News.

"Miss Farr has always cremated the animals that came to be cremated, she also provides burial or public disposal and with some burials she has followed the TDEC guidelines to dispose of them through burial," says Angel.

TDEC was out at the property on Tuesday and Wednesday digging up the carcasses.

That led to some of Farr's customers wondering if they really had their pet's ashes.

"I've never done anything unethical with those pets, everyone who has paid me for a cremation has gotten a private cremation, and their ashes back," says Farr.

As for the burials Farr says she was unaware it was a problem until the state ordered her to stop burying them in October, but no charges have been filed.

Farr has promised to stop the burials.

"If in doubt don't, we provide a disposal service but from now on we just won't."

Apart from the carcasses, neighbors complained about an unbearable smell.

"That's possible but we've always had a certain amount of time to bury them," she says.

She did get two notices of violation from the state in September but was given the customary 48 hours to dispose of the animals.

"Anytime there's ever been any question it's been corrected immediately," she says.

"It looks like I've done something wrong and I have not, and it affects not just the pet owners who shouldn't have this worry planted in their mind for no reason but for me, this is my job, I have two kids and now I don't have a pay check."

Farr's attorney also tells us there were reports her incinerator wasn't working.

We checked into that and yes, documents from TDEC show it was broken in July, but passed inspection in September.

Crews were out Wednesday digging up more carcasses , neighbors say they're relieved.

TDEC also says the animals have been buried for a year, maybe longer and are too decomposed to identify the remains.

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