Phone and Internet outage causes problem for local businesses

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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Phone and Internet service is back on across the state, but a big Windstream outage made a huge mess for several organizations.

"Well we got here this morning at 7:30 and there were no lines and no Internet and no telephone calls which is unusual for us on a Wednesday morning," said Second Harvest Food Bank Executive Director Elaine Streno.

Today nearly 20 food pantries should've been placing orders for pick up tomorrow to feed as many as 300 people.

"You know 15 years ago everything was hand pulled, but technology has caught up with us and it works beautifully, but man when it doesn't, it sure puts a glitch in everyone's plans," said Streno.

Other companies that suffered from the outage included Tennessee Sports Radio who couldn't take calls, introduce new sponsors for 2013 or stream online or by app. Emergency services in Blount County, Anderson County and Pigeon Forge had to find alternative methods of communication.

Customers say they were told a fiber optic cable was cut somewhere near Chattanooga, and it's possible the outage extended all the way to Asheville, North Carolina.

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