Piedmont Elementary School Veterans Day celebration

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Piedmont Elementary School in Jefferson County honored local veterans in a special ceremony.

The third graders sang patriotic songs, memorized facts about our nation's history and spoke famous quotes from our most memorable presidents.

They played the song for each branch of service. The veterans stood when they heard theirs, and then they named out each veteran separately.

One mother was there in honor of her son who died in the line of duty. This was a ceremony the third graders practiced for a week.

Piedmont Elementary School Principal Kristi Waltke says, "We just wanted to get a chance to recognize contributions they have made to our nation, and for our students to see people who live here because they have done things. They have been a part of armed services. They have served our country."

Before the ceremony, they served the veterans a full breakfast with sausage, biscuits and gravy.

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