Pigeon Forge High School gets two grand to promote safer driving

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn.(WVLT)-- Some big news for Pigeon Forge High School. It's been selected as one of the top 26 high schools from throughout the United States and Canada to receive a $2,000 grant by Project Ignition.

The project is a service-learning teen driver safety program sponsored by State Farm® and coordinated by the National Youth Leadership Council®.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports auto crashes are the number one cause of death for teens in this country.

Project Ignition is a youth- and schools-led response that connects academic goals to address the issue of teen driver safety through service-learning. This grant will support I GOT CAUGHT from Pigeon Forge High Schools S.A.D.D. chapter — one of 26 student-designed and student-led campaigns aimed at preventing car crashes in their community.

The 26 schools were selected, in part, based on a commitment to service-learning and the use of proven-effective strategies in changing teen driver behavior. Students will inform, engage and motivate their peers while teachers will simultaneously link these activities to academic curriculum.

The S.A.D.D. chapter has a goal to reach other local high schools and inform them of possibilities and share in the process that has brought them national attention.

“Students themselves are too often overlooked as true stakeholders in their education, and in creating positive change in their schools, their communities, and the world,” said Kelita Svoboda Bak, NYLC CEO. “Through Project Ignition, these young people are literally saving the lives of their peers, and are in the best position to influence their behaviors and decision making at critical moments.”

Students’ plans range from hosting a parent night for community members to using social media to raise awareness. The 10 most effective campaigns that emerge from these 26 will be given the opportunity to receive additional funding (up to $7,500) and join the ranks of Project Ignition’s 18 current National Leader Schools as they implement longer-term campaigns.

For more information and a complete list of schools,click on the link.

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