Pigeon Forge theater moves to new home

Smith Family Theater is in the middle of a huge renovation as the Grand Majestic Theater moves in. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Changes are coming to the tourist scene in Pigeon Forge with a local entertainment venue moving to a new home.

The Grand Majestic Theater is moving down the Parkway into the Smith Family Theater. The move includes a half million dollar renovation to the Smith Theater.

"We want it to have a fresh new elegant feel, a classy feel. and not that it was bad before. It's just going to be different now," said Doug Miranda, of Grand Majestic Theater.

Miranda and his wife Jackie, have been in Pigeon Forge for 7 years. Last year they moved to the Parkway and say business increased dramatically. Now they say the new location will help them expand their productions even more.

"We like to be in the heart of it all. So being at that new location was a learning experience for us. Now we can bring it over here and make it better," said Jackie.

The Smith Theater is getting a complete overhaul with new technology to improve the 5 shows that will be performed in the auditorium.

The new schedule will include the Hazard County Hoedown, The Smith Family Show, Soul of Motown, America's Hit Parade, and the morning Character breakfast.

"Because we're adding 3 more shows to an already heavy schedule of what was existing here so that's more hours for people to work," said Doug. And the people that are working right now we're using employees from both theaters. When they'd be drawing unemployment they're here earning money right now."

Renovations to the theater are expected to be finished by Valentine's weekend.

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