FBI, IRS still mum on investigation; CEO Haslam links it to rebates

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--We're staying on top of the federal investigation at Pilot Flying J. There are a lot of questions surrounding the investigation, like how many truck companies are involved, is the investigation really about truck rebates and why is the IRS involved.

Monday, FBI and the IRS agents stormed Pilot headquarters on Lonas Drive with search warrants looking for evidence.

Tuesday, CEO Jimmy Haslam told the media the feds are investigating truck rebates, which Haslam explained as the money a trucking company gets back for buying a certain amount of gasoline. He said it has nothing to do with tax evasion or taxes.

We spoke with local attorneys who said the IRS wouldn't be involved unless it affects taxes. The FBI wouldn't confirm it's investigating truck rebates, and the IRS wouldn't either, but they did say they are still investigating the case.

When Haslam spoke Tuesday, he said there was an insignificant number of truck companies involved we asked him to clarify what insignificant is.

Jimmy Haslam says, "In the total scheme of things it's an extremely low percentage. I don't know the exact amount. we believe it to be a low number."

There are 3300 trucking companies and 48 truck stops across the country. Pilot is performing an internal investigation themselves.
The FBI investigation could take months to finish.

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