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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- If you're trying to find something for kids, of all ages, to do a tailgate, we have an affordable game that you can pull together for a few dollars.

This is an easy game that can be set up in your own yard, or you can create a "pit" for on-the-go tailgating fun. This is perfect for kids, to keep them entertained.

What you need:
- Large soup/coffee can or a 4" PVC pipe connector (Less than $2)
- At least 2 large washers (Less than 50 cents each)
- Paint (at least paint the washers to distinguish teams)
- Scrap wood (for a travel version)
- Strong adhesive (for travel version)

If you're playing at home, you can simply dig a hole in the ground, large enough to push your can or PVC pipe into.

For on the go fun, mount your can or PVC to wood using a strong adhesive. I used Liquid Nails because it will withstand the elements too. The wood weighs down what's called the "cup" so it won't be knocked over by your washers.

Spray paint your washers different colors, to differentiate teams. The official rules call for 2 washers per player, but you can always make a few more to add to the number of tosses each person gets.

"Official" Washer Pitching rules calls for 2.5" washers, with a 1" center hole. You need two pits marked with recessed cups, that are 4" diameter and 4.5" depth.

To play …

Hold the washer flat on your middle finger, with your index finger curled around the edge and your thumb on top. Toss it underhanded towards the cup.

Scoring is based on proximity to the cup. A washer inside is worth 5 points, and outside but closest to the cup, is 1 point. If each person gets a washer in the cup, then they negate each other.

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