Pipes burst and floods local business

One local organization that helps thousands is forced to shut down.
A frozen pipe thawed, then burst and flooded the building.

Water poured out for more than 2 1/2 hours.

"I know I was soaked to the skin," said Executive Director, Lois Symington.

Drenched documents, ruined office furniture and wet computers all left behind. A dream 25 years in the making was washed away by the flood.

"All of the walls are soaked. You can see the water through the dry wall," said Jeff.

Water seeped through the top floor to the basement.
ETTAC helps thousands of folks make disabilities abilities. Helping
make life a little easier for those who need assistance.

Though many memories are now gone forever, ETTAC is hoping to rebuild.

If you would like to help out...call (865) 475-4421.

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