Develop a disaster plan for vacations

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Following several fires at rental properties in Sevier County, firefighters are offering advice for people planning a vacation this summer.

Firefighters say while planning your travels, develop a family disaster plan for the road. Gatlinburg Fire Chief Greg Miller says the plan should be similar to your plan at home on where to go in case of an emergency and how you'd get outside.

"It's just having the mindset of safety which will carry forth a long way," said Miller. "Every 911 operator will ask you the same question first. 'Where's your emergency?' If they don't know where they're calling from then that begins the delay in trying to get them help."

American Red Cross Spokesperson, Benjamin Prijatel, says know what's going on in the area you'll be staying. He says we may have wildfires in East Tennessee, but the coast might deal with hurricanes.

"But really a plan is something you need to have whether you're here at home in East Tennessee or if you go outside the area," said Prijatel. "Always travel with your emergency kit. Not necessarily a big suit case, typically some phone numbers and a first aid kit."

The Red Cross says downloading their apps can be helpful to get you familiar with the area you are traveling in.

Hotels and cabins should be more than willing to advise you on your safety plan. An evacuation path should be posted in the room.

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