Police name pair arrested in morning I-40 traffic stop

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The two people arrested during a traffic stop that slowed traffic along I-40 during rush hour Tuesday morning were suspects in a methadone robbery earlier that day, according to Knoxville Police Dept. spokesperson Darrell DeBusk.

Authorities said Dustin Sizemore, 30, and Michael Claiborne, 29, approached a man as he was leaving a Methadone clinic on Bernard Ave. They asked the man, 64 year-old Adam Bucelli, if he needed some. When Bucelli responded that he did, the men, who both hailed from Speedwell, grabbed some of his money and took off in a vehicle.

Bucelli chased after them and called 911, police said. He told officials he was following the suspect vehicle and they were on I-40 westbound. The caller advised that the suspect then turned around and got back onto I-40 heading east.

Sizemore and Claiborne have each been charged with one count of robbery.

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