Police hope grant will give them an edge

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) --- Renee Bryant is no stranger to those phone calls.

She dials 911 everday from the phone at volunteer laundromat.

Her job has become part bouncer.

"Its every single day someone comes in here that they have to be run out or the police be called." Bryant looks up from a book of mugshots that they keep behind the counter. "Just the other day some guy came in drunk, I told him to sit down because he's about to go to jail."

The laundry sits on the edge of "The Fort" a neighborhood with a reputaion for crime.

Fort Sanders is the most densly populated area of Knoxville and its combination of college kids and life long residents makes it a struggle for police.

That's where a million dollar dream comes in.

KPD are filing for a Byrne Criminal Justice Grant. It would give the department $1,000,000 used to create programs to fight crime before it begins.

They would work with neighborhood groups to identify problem areas and work on solutions.

And even though it would ruin what Bryant calls her favorite reality show, "I always say is should start a blog" she laughs, she'd be happy to say goodbye if it means she's safer at work.

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