Police: kids caught huffing duster at school

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CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Police say five teens risked their lives for a quick high.

School Resource Officer Shane Wolfenbarger tells Local 8 News a student saw five teens huffing what's called "brain duster" on the school bus on the way to Campbell County High School.

The source of the fumes is nothing special, just a regular computer keyboard duster you can find at any office supply store.

"They just said they were inhaling the fumes from the stuff to get high," said Deputy Wolfenbarger. "Went directly to one of the students, and he had the can in his pocket."

If look on the side of a can, it's warning you find on many aerosols: "Deliberate inhalation of contents in this can is extremely dangerous, can cause loss of consciousness and even death."

"In my opinion they're risking their life to get high for a couple of seconds," said Wolfenbarger.

But it's not just Campbell County. Wolfenbarger says he talked to an SRO in another school district that found the same problem recently.

In Knox County, a survey taken of high school students in 2011 showed one in ten had inhaled some sort of aerosol to get high.

"Can't understand why they would even attempt to do that. Anything on the side of the can that says it can give you instant death is not something I would want in my body," said Wolfenbarger.

He says the five teens will be charged with intoxication by an inhalant, and that they are suspended pending a hearing at the school.

If you're worried about your kid, the Metro Drug Commission says there are a few signs to watch for: a bloody nose, bloodshot eyes, bluish toned skin, or smelling chemicals on their breath or clothes.

Just because you can buy it on a shelf, doesn't make it safe.

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