Potholes cause problems for one driver

In this Thursday, July 19, 2012 photo Boston Public Works workers Victor Duret, feet only at left, and Tyrone Odom, behind, both of Boston, fill a pothole with asphalt in Boston's Charlestown neighborhood. Boston officials hope a new smartphone application could eventually eliminate the need to send out trucks to survey the hundreds of miles of roadways to figure out the locations of potholes. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--Some of them jolt you out of your seat others can make you lose control. We're talking about potholes. Local 8 news anchor Lauren Davis found one driver who almost totaled his car and wants answers.

What happens if you're driving down the road and you hit a pothole. Who's responsible for the damage? Darrell Carlton found out the hard way. He was hit a large pothole on I-640. Darrell Carlton says, "At first it was a big noise. My car went toward the left so I grabbed the steering wheel and kinda pulled toward the right. It was almost like I was about to spin."

It bent his rims and now, he needs new ones. It'll set him back about $900. That's not what he's most worried about. Carlton says, "My 3 year-old was in the car. I can't imagine something happening to her because of a hole in the highway."

The City of Knoxville patches potholes with asphalt every day.
Crews patched ten holes Wednesday. All of them reported within the last two days. City of Knoxville Foreman Chris Webster says, "The city would be responsible if we didn't fix it in a 48 hour period. Then the city would be responsible."

If you don't report the problem, you'll be paying the bill. On highways TDOT says if you hit a pothole make sure you file a claim. They'll investigate, but you have to file a police report. As for Darrell, he just wants safe roads. Darrell Carlton says, "I just hope they do something about these potholes because I'd hate to see some child get killed."

Wintery weather is on the way and the potholes could get worse. The best thing for you to do is watch carefully and report potholes.