Potholes will take longer to fix

Interstate 40 in Jefferson County where TDOT has been doing some work. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Paving engineers say the state is facing an average pothole problem so far this Winter season, but it will take a while before they can be permanently fixed.

The shakes, the bumps, and damage, is what some folks face on once Sevier County road.

"$400 later and yeah, it was in good shape until I hit those holes," said Keith Smith of Sevierville. "Now I'm having to fix them."

Smith is talking about the potholes on Howard Drive in Sevierville.
The City's Public Works Director, Bryon Fortner, says Howard Drive is one of the city's worst roads and is on the list to be repaired soon. Fortner says they are waiting on the weather to get warmer.

"You can see damage to vehicles. So we try to get crews out to the area as quickly as possible," said Fortner. "We end up having to come fix them later using hot mix to make a more permanent repair."

TDOT says they've not seen a big problem with potholes, but you can report ones you find on state roads to the TDOT Region 1 headquarters at (865) 594-2456.

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