Powerball fever as jackpot grows to $550 million

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Many gas stations across East Tennessee were busy Wednesday as people rushed to buy Powerball tickets.

Everyone wants to win the jackpot and most have an idea of how they would spend the money, but your chances of winning are just 1 in over $175 million. You're actually more likely to be struck by lightning, hit two consecutive hole-in-ones in golf and be attacked by a shark.

Even so, people rushed to buy their tickets and some played special numbers.

"I've never purchased them this way - I usually just buy the ticket and let them pick the number, but my wife and I picked out special numbers that are special to us. This is our anniversary, so those numbers are certainly on there, so it's pretty exciting," said George Craddock.

Powerball ticket sales will end at 9:59 ET.