Proposed bill to test all DUI offenders using interlock device

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--State lawmakers are always looking for ways to keep drunk drivers off the road. Their latest idea? Breathalyzers before driving for all DUI offenders. Local 8 news anchor Lauren Davis talks to one woman who says it could have saved her.

July 22, 2005 is a day Julie Strike will never forget. Julie Strike says, "I remember laying on the curb. I remember the pain."

She was taking an afternoon walk in her neighborhood. Then the driver of this truck ran over her. The accident left her bruised from her lower back down and cut her leg to the bone. Julie says, "I walked with a cane for 3 months."

The driver had been drinking beer and police found an empty six pack in the truck. He blew a .14 almost twice the legal limit. That accident changed Julie's life. She now suffers from post traumatic stress. That's why she wants to change the laws to keep Tennessee roadways safe. She and Mothers Against Drunk Driving want interlock devices for all convicted drunk drivers. Here's how it works.
Interlock attaches to the steering wheel and keeps the car from starting if you've been drinking. The current law says the devices are only mandatory for DUI offenders with blood alcohol level of.15 or above. Seventeen other states require the devices for everyone convicted of a DUI. They claim it's cut DUI deaths by more than 30% in those states. Julie says, "My offender had a prior, but it was 10 years before. So maybe if he had to have it, then maybe he wouldn't have been driving that night. "

Now it's up to the lawmakers. We'll let you know how the bill progresses.