Protect the people and pets from the cold

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- We could see the coldest temps of the year Monday night, when the thermometer plunges to 19 degrees. What's worse, it could feel even colder than that. Here's a look at how to care for the people and pets in your life.

With colder temperatures come dangers and risks you don't want to take with loved ones, pets and your home. James Harper with Pipe Wrench Plumbing says, "Tonight it's down to 18. It's a good sign to leave it tricklin' yes."

So keep your faucets dripping to avoid a freeze and wrap any outside pipes. To make sure they're insulated and if you have a crawl space, close your vents.

If you park outside, that could be another big challenge in the morning. So check the anti-freeze now. And check tire pressure because for every 10 degrees the temperature falls, you can lose one pound of air in your tires. The last thing you'd want on a bitter cold day is a flat tire and to be stranded on the side of the road. But just in case, layer up.

Don't forget to check on your older friends and relatives. Make sure they're eating and taking their medicine and that they have everything they need so they can avoid getting out.

If you have outside dogs, lift their houses off the ground and use straw or cedar inside. And for the indoor dogs, when they go out, don't forget to clean their paws. Jessica Popek with Adopt-a-Pet says, "If they lick that salt and it goes in digestive track it can cause a lot of problems."

When it comes to outdoor cats, honk your horn or tap the hood because they like to hide out under your warm hood.