Protect your plants as winter weather grows near

Right now, are days you can see the cold air even before you feel it.

And those plants - you've spend months perfecting - aren't going to like it any more than we do.

So what should we do?

Lisa Stanley with Stanley farms says, "The first tip, if you can bring it indoors, that would be the best protection."

But if your plants are too big to move. Stanley explains," Secure it with over head protection."

Even a simple box can prevent it from weather damage. You can even use some sort of fabric to prevent frost bite or discoloration.

Courtney Elledge reporting, "The key when you're covering up your crops is to make sure that the fabric is breath-able. Plant experts say you should never use plastic."

That's because plastic is too thin. The best protection-- an insulated covering that captures heat rising from the ground.

"You would want to bring it low enough, and tuck it under, so that if the wind came up. Place a wrong on your breath-able fabric to keep it secure in-case the wind came up," says Stanley.

Know which plants you should be harvesting each season.

"Pansies are the annual that you can plant and will give you color all winter. We offer violas, pansies and Panola's," says Stanley.

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