Protecting your privacy

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Latonia Moore was shocked when two police walked into her Western Heights apartment Friday without notice.

"I mean, who does that? That's a violation of my privacy and my rights and I'm tired of KCDC letting people come out here and do that," said Latonia.

Latonia said the police entered the front door on their own asking, "did anyone call 911?" The walked back to her in her kitchen before leaving after just a few seconds.

The Knoxville Police Department says it had reason to check on the safety of everyone in the home.

"We got a call of a domestic violent argument and that's their duty to check it out," said a KPD spokesman.

So what if a cop shows up at your door without warning or a warrant?

Local attorney Wade Davies reminds of everyone's fourth amendment right to privacy in their home.

"In order to conduct a search, normally there's a requirement that the officer have a warrant. And the citizen is allowed to refuse entry unless there's one of those excpetions, those emergencies or excegenices is what the word's called," said Davies.

Of course the exceptions can be subjective.

"There's always disagreement over what the Constitution protects. There's not always a bright line answer," said Davies.

But he adds, it's always in your best interest not to interfere with the work of law enforcement.

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