Raise money for kids during a night in old Havana

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Whether it's painting with wheelchairs or playing drums on a rain barrel; art and music have been proven to help children with disabilities flourish and important elements to the HeartSong Center.

The HeartSong Center offers free music and art classes for children with disabilities through the East Tennessee Technology Access Center (E.T.T.A.C). The classes happen year round but their fundraiser "A Night in Old Havana" happens just once a year.

The event raises funds for the HeartSong Center so they can hold enrichment classes like 'Music N Motion'.

"We educate children ages 18 months to preschool using phonetics, flash cards, colors, Spanish and sign language." said Lin Daniels, a teacher for Music N Motion.

It's a class that puts learning to a tune something that helps kids with disabilities learn easier.

Lin said "We have fun and they don't realize they're actually learning."

The silly songs and noises fill the music room with giggles and smiles from all the kids; especially Lydia.

Lydia was born with Down Syndrome and 'Music N Motion' helps her grow in the classroom.

Angie Morin, Lydia's mother said "The rhythm of the music helps her with counting which in turn helps with math. She is learning describing words that help in English class."

Not only does it help her with school work but it helps her become a social butterfly.

"She interacts with kids her own age; they are peer models for her so she understand how to act and interact with others." said Angie

It's a class that has enriched the lives of thousands and that's why it's so important to keep the HeartSong Center alive.

All the money raised from 'A Night in Old Havana' goes right back to programs like 'Music N Motion'.

If you're interested in going to this fun event; visit the link below for more information.

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