Recycling getting harder for some

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Going green has many people in one part of Knoxville seeing red.

Earlier this month, the Bearden Recycle Center at the Kroger on Kingston Pike closed to make room for gas pumps.

Ricky Moon who frequented the recycle center is upset. He now has to drive across the city to recycle. He says, "its ridiculous, the thing about it is this is pretty much a central part of Knoxville. Ironically, you're sacrificing gas to take recycling across the county."

There are six recycling centers within the city. David Brace, public service director for the City of Knoxville, says he was sad to close the Bearden location.

"We wanted to stay there, we would love to have a drop center right there. We're looking for another space right now but again its a space that would have to come at no charge to us," says Brace.

Rob Nark says until things change, he'll have to deal with the inconvenience. He says, "Its just kind of like, you have to drive so far out there, it just kind of takes the fun out of it."

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