Red Pandas at Knoxville Zoo getting so big!

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If you haven't been to the Knoxville zoo lately, you're missing out! The baby Red Pandas are there and we got to hang out with them!

Meet Summitt and Neyland, or is it Tabei and Tenzing. Their names are undecided, but one thing is for sure, the 3 month-old brother and sister duo are growing fast. They're still nursing off their mom and sleeping most of the day. They're only awake about two hours a day.
Red Panda Curator Sarah Glass says, "They're climbing around and they're sleeping. They've started to follow mom around a bit, but haven't quite got courage to come outside."

They have their distinct red wire fur now. A lot different than they looked when our cameras were there in mid July for their six week-old check up. When Sarah first brought them out for a visit they were very energetic. She could hardly hold onto them, and when she put them on the floor the female cub tried to run away. Glass says, "He's very laid back. Mellow doesn't really scratch the surface, but she is feisty. She huff quacks. She's more than she takes control when they're together."

Like most males his mind is on his food. Glass says, "The boy stole a piece of apple and hid it in a box. So he may have sweet tooth."

Their momma Scarlett isn't really a helicopter mom. She's more laid back only stepping in if people get too close. They've been on camera since they were born getting views from all over the world and right here at the Knoxville Zoo. Sasha Sutton says, "I think they're adorable. I wanna take one home."

It's up to you to name the new pandas. Right now Summitt and Neyland are in the lead with 155 votes. Tabei and Tenzing are next.
They're named after the first woman to summit Mount Everest and guide who accompanied the first man to climb the summit. You can vote online for the names you like most by donating a dollar.