Residents concerned about burglaries in Knoxville neighborhood

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - People now living in fear and afraid they'll be the next target.

In some cases, alarm systems didn't stop people from stealing irreplaceable items.

KPD says burglaries are on the rise across the city, mostly attributing the economy.

But people living in one neighborhood in east Knoxville say crime has gotten notably worse. There have been 10 robberies in the Holston Hills area of east Knoxville so far this year, including two earlier this month.

Mary Tom Adams and her family moved to Holston Hills for the large lots, the tall trees and privacy. She used to leave the doors unlocked and her windows opened. That is, until her home was robbed twice in one week last year.

"I really had a hard time staying asleep. I'd go to sleep, and then I'd wake up in the middle of the night and worry," said Adams.

They not only took valuable items, but ones that are very personal.

"My mother's engagement ring for example. I'll never see that again and there's no way to replace something that personal," said George Reynolds, Adams' husband.

At a town hall meeting Monday night, break-ins were the first topic of conversation.

"We've noticed some of the numbers have gone up, and we're doing the best that we can with the manpower that we have," said Officer Jason Boston with KPD.

Officer Boston says the economy is a driving force in the rise in burglaries, and it's happening everywhere, not just east Knoxville.

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