COLEMAN TRIAL LIVE BLOG: Defense's "damning evidence" tossed by judge


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Halfway through the first day of retrial of Vanessa Coleman and a judge's ruling tosses out what defense attorneys described as "the most damning piece of evidence" in support of the their client.Watch Trial Live - Click Here

That evidence, in immunity form filled out by an investigator early in the investigation reportedly stated she didn't have a role in the murder, shouldn't have been charged, and authorities ought to offer her immunity for all of the help she gave police.

All of this action took place while jurors were out of the courtroom. For the rest of the morning prosecutors and Coleman's lawyers delivered their opening statements, laying the groundwork for the trial to come.

After the court recessed for lunch, prosecutors started laying their foundation calling to the stand Channon Christian's best friend Kara Soward to describe the night Christian disappeared.

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