Road crews ready to go

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KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Road crews are preparing for a long day as the weather winter rolls into east Tennessee.

This afternoon, the Knox County trucks were locked, loaded, and ready to roll on the roads.

After pre-treating the roads for the past two days, Knox County crews are getting an early wake-up call.

"One will come in at 2:00 tomorrow morning, and they'll begin applying liquid materials to the roads again in advance of the weather moving in," said Dwight Van De Vate, the senior director for Engineering and Public Works.

More drivers will arrive at 6:00 am, if not earlier.

But if the worst of the predicted icing happens, it could create challenges for crews.

"Icing is an unusual event. Snow is much easier for us, we have a lot more tools that are effective on snow than we do on ice," said Van De Vate.

The TDOT Transportation Management Center is always open, but it'll be buzzing even more in the morning.

"We will have our salt trucks ready to go. So if we get reports of any ice on interstates, on state routes, on bridges, on overpasses, we'll have our salt trucks there, and able to treat those roadways," said Mark Nagi, with TDOT.

TDOT has pretreated hundreds of miles of highways across the district, but you should still be careful.

"Just because the roadways look okay, doesn't mean that's the case. We've been out there, pretreating all day. There's still the possibility of ice on the roadways of course, when the temperatures fall and we get the precipitation. Give yourself plenty of extra time to get where you need to go, and give yourself extra braking room as well," said Nagi.

TDOT crews will report to work at three a-m across the region, but they could come in earlier if the roads become a mess.

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