Roane Co. Sheriff and wife return to the Boston Marathon

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ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton and his wife, Tara, share a love of running. They've raced all over the country together and last year, Tara qualified for a bucket-list race: the Boston Marathon.

"It was one of those runs you always wanted to run - so I was really blessed to be able to run Boston," said Tara Stockton.

Tara was running strong and Sheriff Stockton was waiting for his wife to cross the finish line when the unimaginable happened: two bombs exploded.

"You saw the National Guard started running and you saw the policeman gathering on the course and then the course started getting really cluttered with non-runners," said Tara Stockton.

From there, things came to a standstill for Tara. She didn't know if her husband was okay - and the Sheriff was just as worried about her. Cell towers were down, so they couldn't communicate.

"It was a lonley time and the hour that I spent there was a time of faith and prayer, a time for me to reflect back on me and her together," said Sheriff Jack Stockton.

Tara eventually made it to their planned meeting spot, unharmed.

"He's always been the most important thing in my life, so seeing him was just awesome," she said.

Because Tara didn't finish, Boston invited her to run again this year. And despite the memories of what happened and the fear they faced, the Stocktons went back.

"I don't think it took me probably more than a second to say, 'Absolutely - I want to run the Boston Marathon again.' I feel like I'm a person that doesn't live in fear, I live in faith," said Tara Stockton.

"The run follows Easter and I think that's something that Boston can really say - that they've rose to the occasion and have risen again," said Jack Stockton.

The Stocktons took their granddaughter with them to the marathon. They said she loves cheering everyone on at races -and being part of this year's Boston Marathon is an experience they hope she'll always remember.

The Stocktons will return home "Boston Strong" on Tuesday.

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