Veteran fights to save Roane Co. cemetery

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ROCKWOOD, Tenn. (WVLT)-- It was once a forgotten piece of land. The final resting place for Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers that was overgrown and neglected for years; until one man cared enough to help. But now he needs help to keep the historical land from eroding away.

Noel "Buddy" Marsh made a promise to a woman 30 years ago that he would take care of the Kendrick Cemetery.

To this day he still maintains the area even though he's a triple amputee.

Buddy lost his arm and both legs during the Vietnam War but doesn't let that hold him back from taking care of the cemetery.

However, over the years the edge of the cemetery has eroded away into the Watts Bar Lake.

Buddy has been in touch with TVA and they told him that it would cost about $10,000 and they'd be willing to split the cost with him. However, Buddy doesn't own the land he just takes care of it so now TVA has to work on finding the owner of the land.

For now, Buddy keeps doing what he's always done by taking care of the cemetery. However, he worried what will happen in the future when he's not able to care for the cemetery.

We got in touch with TVA and they released this statement:

"TVA has assessed the shoreline condition of the Kendrick Cemetery and have discussed the situation with the caretaker. After reviewing our land records as well as researched court house records, TVA has been unable to locate the owner of the property, but will continue to monitor the erosion closely. TVA certainly acknowledges the importance of this cemetery, which is why we have been working to identify the property owner."