Roane County bar loses beer license

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ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Roane County Beer Board revokes the beer license for Grill & Pub, located just outside Harriman on Highway 27.

The tavern has been the scene of some suspicious activity. Most recently, a bartender served an underage customer.

The questionable activity goes back several years. In 2003, a woman disappeared from the bar after an argument with her boyfriend.

In 2011, David Harvey was killed after an argument that started with a fender bender.

His friends, who've been behind the push to pull the bar's license, were prepared with a disturbing presentation at the beer board meeting Tuesday night. That was not necessary, the board voted unanimously to revoke the license before they addressed members.

"I had calls form 911 center that nobody should have to hear that came from that bar. The bar is unbelievable, things have happened there, but in our opinion the worst thing was losing Dave," said Vickie Davis, Harvey's friend.