Rockwood man freezes to death inside home

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A Rockwood man was found frozen to death inside his house. The elderly man lived in a house with holes in the roof and no front door. Neighbors say the man told them he would die in that old house and that's exactly what happened this week.

When you look at the house, it's hard to believe someone lived there.
It's where 85 year-old Ray Knight took his last breath. Neighbors say he lived in one room of the house. Monday night when temperatures dipped to one degree, Knight was on his way to the bathroom. Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright says, "Mr. Knight fell through a hole in the floor and died of hypothermia."

The house is in pretty bad condition. Police say they tried to get him to leave, but he wanted to stay. Chief Wright says, "He refused any help. He said he was fine, warm and had plenty of clothes and food."

Neighbor Jay Lewis mowed Knight's yard for him and tried to take care of him. Jay Lewis says, "I couldn't believe it. It got cold because he didn't have a front door or nothing."

Chief Wright says, "He preferred to live by himself. He didn't want help. It was just an unfortunate circumstance."

Neighbors tell us Knight looked healthy. He walked up and down the road several times a day. Chief Wright says Knight was well-educated. He served in the military, was a former commander for the American Legion and was a former teacher.

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