Running for those who can't

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The running community in Knoxville is rallying around all the runners affected by the bombings.

Tonight, they gathered to honor victims.

They say say even though they are hundreds of miles from Boston, they feel a sense of solidarity with the victims. That's why the runners set out to run for those who can't.

"As soon as you hear about something this tragedy, it just hits everyone down to the core," said Denise Koessler, with the Beauty Hunters.

Especially for the "Beauty Hunters" working out at West Hills Park. It was a typical night, but they had heavier hearts.

Because many of these women can see themselves in the victims.

"We have family. That we have lives and jobs and all of these people were passionate athletes who had family and friends, and a job," said Sarah Van Sickle McClain, with the Beauty Hunters.

That's why after the intense number of exercises, 26 in all for 26 miles of a marathon, they hit the greenway.

"The reason this is so important to us is that everyone suffered yesterday doing things or supporting things thhey love. Which is just sweating and running," said Koessler.

"For them to think about in that moment, that they still have breath in their lungs and muscles that work, and to be reminded and put things in perspective: you're able to push still," said McClain.

Collectively, the group ran four marathons tonight around the greenway. The original goal was just one.

The founders of the group say last night, just hours after the tragedy, they had more people gather for their workout than ever before.

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