Knoxville man crashes into building lands in hospital

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Rain, high speed and a bend in the road made for a scary scene in East Knoxville. An SUV slammed into a building with people inside. One guy who saw it says he doesn't know how no one was killed. The owner of the business who was inside at the time, is thankful for that.

It's what happens when you go too fast on a wet road. Hobart Food Equipment Owner Dennis Starr says, "Just doing business as usuall then all of a sudden a tremendous crash in the side of the building."

Police say 22 year-old Travis Clifton became lodged inside this business after losing control and hitting another car with four people inside. Witness Frankie Robinson says, "We heard a bang and we looked up and seen a black Mitsubishi coming toward us in between the light pole and the cars."

Clifton was shaken, but awake and conscous. Robinson says, "I don't know how he made it out. His face was banged up pretty good, but he was ok. He was just in a panic."

A woman working inside at her desk got the scare of her life. The car came to rest in the building a few feet away the woman sitting in her office. She was lucky. She only had a cut on her forehead. She was upset. Her office is a mess, but she's going to be fine.

For crews, getting the car out without pulling the wall down was the biggest challenge. Once they did, you could really see the damage.

The woman inside was treated at a nearby clinic for her cut. The SUV driver was taken to a local hospital, and expected to be okay. There was an adult and three small children in that car. They were all okay.
Clifton was cited for driving too fast and failure to show proof of insurance. Eyewitnesses say he was in a hurry to go out of town.

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