SXS & ATV Roundup festival helps Scott County

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HUNTSVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- ATVs and side-by-side utility vehicles were already out in full-force Friday, as organizers put the finishing touches on the weekend festival at Brimstone Recreation in Huntsville. From trail riding to mud bogging and concerts, there's a lot to do - and it's a big tourism draw.

"My son-in-law got me into riding about maybe a month and a half, two months ago and we heard this was one of the big events and big venues of the country. And so we come up here - we got family, my wife, my son-in-law, daughter, several of us up here riding," said Buddy Vail, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

More than 20,000 people are expected and many are staying in cabins or RVs.

"Oh it's a blast, I mean you get to meet all the different people and the concerts and of course you get to hang out with your buddies and ride and just have a big time." said Chris Wilson, from Sparta, TN.

Scott County has a 17.2 percent unemployment rate, so the annual festival is important.

"It helps every business in the county - motels are full for a 60 mile radius," said George W. Potter, mayor of Huntsville.

"They bring a lot of interest to our community - not only for just this weekend, but to bring back repeat business. And that's what we're wanting - to open up our comunity and let people know what we've got in our own backyard," said Wayne King, president of the Scott County Chamber of Commerce.

What Scott County doesn't have in its backyard right now is an open hospital - it shut down last May. That's why EMTs will be on hand all weekend and anyone with serious injuries will be airlifted to an area hospital. But organizers and festival goers alike are hopeful everyone will stay safe while enjoying the long holiday weekend.

The festival kicks off what the Chamber of Commerce is calling "Sizzling September". Scott County will have different events every weekend all month long. Each one is expected to draw thousands. For more information, click the link below.

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