Safe Sleep Initiative working to keep infants safe

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The Knox County Health Department tells us in 2012, 121 babies died in Tennessee due to unsafe sleeping conditions, including co-sleeping) or other unsafe sleep environments, such as couches, chairs or swings, or with comforters, pillows or stuffed animals.

Alicia Mastronardi, KCHD Epidemiologist and a member of the ETSSI coalition says it's important to follow the ABCs of safe sleep.

A is for Alone: always put the baby to sleep alone;
B is for on the baby's back: an infant should be placed to sleep on his or her back, not on his or her side or stomach;
C is for Crib: always put a baby to sleep in a crib that is empty of other items such as pillows, toys, blankets and bumper pads.

The ETSSI Cribs for Kids helps families in need to provide safe sleeping environments for your baby.

Call 865-215-5170 or email to see if you qualify for help.

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