Scams target health care act website

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Better Business Bureau reports scammers trying to take advantage of the Affordable Care Act and ripping people off.

All over the country, there are reports of scammers calling, emailing, and showing up at people's doors trying to get them to buy healthcare plans. A spokesperson with the BBB says it's important to remember the government won't contact you about the Affordable Care Act.

"Again they're not going to contact you period about the affordable care act. These are health insurance exchanges. It's up to you to take advantage of that," said Jerry Tipton, a Better Business Bureau spokesperson in Knoxvillle. "Do not talk to them, no sir. The more you talk the more they can get something from you they can use."

Tipton says so far no one has reported being scammed in the Knoxville area, but he fears it could be just a matter of time before someone is. He says older people are the most at risk of being scared into giving out information. He says they're using language such as, "It's the law" or "You can go to jail" to get information and drain bank accounts.

"Actually no penalties will take affect until 2014. None of the penalties involve jail time. It's all financial," said Tipton. "It's going to get worse unfortunately. We're getting calls from people telling us all around the country that people are showing up at your door, sending faxes, call you telling you they're from the government."

It's good to verify who you are talking to before giving out any important information.

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