School leaders scramble to move classrooms after collapse

DANDRIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- School leaders in Jefferson County are trying figure out how they'll make room for 9 more classes that were damaged from a roof collapse on Sunday.

The Director of Schools, Charles Edmonds, says too much water on the roof caused the collapse.

"I'm not sure where we'll move them yet. We've just been in the process of moving teachers out of the main building," said Edmonds.

The district is in the middle of a $25 million renovation at Jefferson County High School. Building 8, as it's called, isn't budgeted in the plans, unless money was left over. However, during a survey of the building Edmonds says architects found problems.

"Where this broke lose that's rusted metal. So it might have given way to have caused the problem we don't really know, but we located those areas and were going to replace them during the renovations."

Now he says they'll move forward with renovations on building 8, in the meantime figuring out where the 9 classes will go.

Many like County Commissioner, Dennis Cureton, stopped to see the damage. He graduated from the school in 1976 right after the building opened.

"It's a bit worse in person I of course was sent a few pictures yesterday by cell phone, but this is a bit worse than I expected," said Cureton. "That's a tremendous amount of structural damage. I just hope the insurance policy will cover it properly for us."

The districts insurance company is expected to arrive late Monday to look at the damage.

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