School on lock down; parents told hours later

Police respond to Vine Middle School where a 13 year-old student was reportedly stabbed with a comb (WVLT/Allie Spillyards)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. A student stabbed with a comb at Vine Middle School Wednesday, was recovering from minor injuries at home by Thursday night.

While the incident was minor, it caused major concern for parents in light of the Connecticut shooting.

Within seconds, police swarmed the area and blocked off roads, but it took the Principal two hours to notify parents.

Knox County Schools sent out an email and phone message at 3:30 p.m., about two hours after the stabbing. By that time, officers were already gone and school was out.

Doctor Clifford Davis, the Executive Director for Secondary Education, said, "Once the principal felt like she had enough information, accurate information, to give the parents then she placed the phone messenger phone call."

School messenger notifies anyone connected to the school about problems. Sixty-thousand people got the message, but some wanted to know why it took so long.

Dr. Davis said, "Those situations are fluid it varys from situation to situation it's up to the principal to make that call."

Davis said the first priority was caring for the students involved, and ensuring other students were safe.

Dr. Davis said there won't be any policy changes regarding the time frame for notifications.

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