Scott Co. pharmacies drop Sudafed to fight meth

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SCOTT COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) It's a county wide push to fight a major drug problem. A unified front of pharmacists who all took Sudafed off the shelf and replaced it with Nexafed.

The new drug promises to help "stop meth" and urges people to "join the fight.

It's the same drug as Sudafed with one major difference, its chemical makeup makes it impossible to break down.

You cannot remove the sudafedrine from Nexafed. If you try and add it to water it turns into a thick paste.

By taking the active ingredient off the shelves, Scott County deputies hope the dealers won't have a supply.

It could be working, drug agents tell us that since the new pills started selling the rate of meth busts in the county has dropped by as much as 75%

So far, all the family owned pharmacies have made the switch but Walgreen's and Walmart have refused.

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