Scott County looks for a new "adventure" target for tourism

ONEIDA, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Scott County wants to designate its tourism as an adventure zone and is asking the state for the classification.

All the campgrounds at Brandy Creek in Big South Fork opened on Tuesday. Many people couldn't wait to get out and enjoy nature.

"You know this week the weather's really turned nice for us. And it sort of coincides with a lot of spring break. So we've really seen a big increase in the last few days," said Howard Duncan, Big South Fork Spokesperson. "It's a tremendous place to get out and see some back-country just see some things that you won't see in Tennessee or Kentucky.

"It is increadible to the economic tourism of Scott County. We wouldn't have it with out the park," said Cheryl Cribbett, with Scott County Tourism.

Cribbett says she's working with others to get Tennessee to brand the area as an Adventure Recreation Zone. The zone would highlight everything from biking to hunting and rafting that the Big South Fork National Recreation Area has.

"The big south fork is also known as the Grand Canyon of the east. And it holds out to that name. So if you get out hiking you do the Angel falls overlook and it puts you right out over the gorge," said Cribbett. "This area is an area, if you don't want the crowds of the Smokies, Then this is the area to come to. Because we don't have the crowds."

The county has until the 15th of April to get all the paperwork in to get the designation.

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