Security changes since 9/11

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- September 11 changed the way law enforcement agencies fight for your safety. But you may not have noticed all the changes.

Many of the preparations taken after 9/11 were behind the scenes, making you safer than you were before.

We will never forget, and those who protect us will never be the same.

"We're the most prepared we've ever been," said Lt. Emily Simerly with the University of Tennessee Police Department.

9/11 caused a wave security questions. "We were no different. We had to look at our planning."

The University of Tennessee hosts thousands of fans and high profile guests -- all potential terrorism targets.

"We did have to look at things like ingress and egress, we had to look at staffing, we had to look at the target of the stadium itself," said

But many of the changes UT police made after 9/11 you may not know about. "The majority of things, the end user probably never even noticed," Simerly said.

"If you say that we learned one thing, it's have a plan for that type incident," said Assistant Chief Bobby Spangler.

Spangler says KCSO hasn't changed its day to day training. But it's upgraded communication systems and started training across jurisdictions.

"After 9/11 we figured out that, we need to be working together a little bit more," said Spangler. "Or maybe a lot more. so that if incident of that nature or that big of scale was to happen in this area, that we'd be ready."

Homeland Security funding allows for expanded courses. "We've implemented a homeland security unit that keeps track of any intel or information about terrorist movement."

With nuclear plants and other possible targets on the TVA grid, officials says they are constant communication with the Department of Homeland Security. "TVA you could say is always on a heightened state of alert," said Scott Brooks.

Many agencies have been stepping up intelligence monitoring in the days following Osama Bin Laden's death. The government has no plans to raise the terror alert.

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