See something, say something says UTPD

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It's one of Knoxville's biggest employers and a major attractions - the University of Tennessee campus.

And whether you live near it or on it, UT police have a new safety slogan: see something, say something. Officers took that message door to door and Volunteer TV went along with them.

Cpl. Ben Doty and his crew weren't the first people you expected to see at your door. At Fort Sanders, the officers were spreading safety step by step.

"The name of our campaign is see something, say something. It can be anything," said Cpl. Ben Doty with UTPD.

"Our car got broken into, last Friday, right down there," said Remy DeVoe.

Paisleigh Kelly and DeVoe experienced what UTPD says is the most common crime on campus.

"A maintenance man found that our car doors were open, and everything in there was just disheveled and spread around everywhere," said Paisleigh Kelly, a junior student at UT. "It's just unsettling to have your car broken into."

UTPD says saying what you see could help make a difference here on campus and in your community.

"Reported robberies in the area, thefts in the area, while most crimes are down, thefts are up," said Lt. Emily Simerly with UTPD. Theft is up 43 percent over last year, but overall crime is down 22 percent.

That's why see something, say something is so important.

"We're looking at that constantly to see how can we get that message out to the most people, the quickest?" said Simerly.

The department says they're continuing to work on target areas and prepare for large scale emergencies, like Virginia Tech. More than 26,000 students and faculty have signed up for UT text message alert system.

Simerly says social media is the next step. They already have a twitter and facebook account, but are working on plans for additional information on alerts.

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