Sheriff seeks help while jail fills

ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) --- The mat is only two inches thick. It's wide enough for her shoulders but her feet hang off the edge.

She has spent the past three months calling that small space home. A concrete wall on one side and a metal table on the other.

Amanda Wells is in jail. She's one of 70 women living in a room built for 32.

"They just open the door and let you in. They just say there you are, with no mat." Wells tells us.

The Roane County jail is overcrowding and the problem is getting worse.

When it opened up there were 112 inmates in the 174 bed jail. Now, just four years later there are 240.

And there are thousands of warrants waiting to be served.

The Sheriff needs help. "We're trying to come up with ways to do some alternative things to help with overcrowding," Sheriff Jack Stockton says. "Such as ankle bracelets and common practices that other people are using."

There are no easy answers but Stockton hopes Commissioners are willing to explore options.

He will present them with his ideas this month.

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