Hamblen Co. sheriff's deputies find more than 100 pot plants

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MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Several law enforcement agencies worked together to find more than 100 marijuana plants growing in Hamblen County Thursday, according to a sheriff's office release.

Hamblen County deputies, along with agencies like Tennesssee Bureau of Investigations (TBI), Alcohol Beverage Commission (ABC) and Tennessee Highway Patrol, patrolled the skies searching for grow operations.

The biggest bust came on Fish Hatchery Road area of Hamblen County, near the county line.

Hamblen County Public Information Officer, Carrie McCann, said it's easier to spot the grows from the air because the marijuana is in harvest right now and the color of the plants make them stand out.

"It's like a different shade of green than the surrounding plants. They'll (the growers) have to clear an area so it gets enough sunlight. So when you see materials on the ground, fertilizer buckets, irrigation systems, that sort of thing, along with the color, will tell us where these marijuana grows are," McCann explained.

McCann also said that these kinds of operations are important to be a part of, because marijuana grows will typically lead to a much bigger operation and harder drugs.

"We can felons with guns, meth operations, pill mills. It leads to so many other narcotics and drugs that we want to get off the street as well," McCann said.

The release states deputies along with the Tennessee Governor's Task Force will continue to search for marijuana growing operations.

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