Smile for National Smiles Week

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The 2nd week of August is National Smile Week-- a good time to grin and learn about how it can improve your life.

A 2010 Wayne State University research project titled “Smile Intensity in Photographs Predicts Longevity” examined the baseball cards photos of Major League players in 1952.

The study found that the span of a player’s smile is directly related to the span of his life. Players who didn’t smile in their pictures lived an average of only 72.9 years, while players with wide smiles lived an average of 79.9 years.

A study revealed that children smile as many as 400 times a day whereas adults smile no more than 20 times a day.

According to different studies the more smiling you do could improve your health and life.

Here are just some benefits:
1. Decreases stress and anxiety
2. Releases endorphins
3. Strengthens immune system
4. Viewed as more trustworthy
5. Become a better leader

So the question is... will you smile more this week?

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