Snow storm knocks tree on Knoxville woman's home

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The snow was beautiful for some of you, but for one Knoxville family it's a nightmare. Imagine sleeping soundly, when all of a sudden a tree smashes through your living room. That happened to one Knoxville family, and they say they're lucky to be alive.

It's something the Bakers never expected, a tree falling on their home.
At first, they thought a car crashed into their house. Lisa Baker says, "We felt the whole house shift to one side and move. We were just trying to get from our bedroom to the living room to the kids."

Lisa's five year-old daughter and 10 year-old niece were asleep in the living room. They are all okay. Rick Baker says, "Another 2 foot to the right, and it could have been a different story."

Their house is a different story. Lisa says, "It's cracked the wall, and the ceiling in the living room is cracked open and leaking."

Robert McClain was on the front porch with two others when the tree fell. Robert McClain says, "The first thing I did was grab my girlfriend and my cousin's head and put them down to make sure they were protected. A piece of roof hit me in the head."

Christina Lyons says, "If any of us would have been off the step we'd have been dead."

Other than a few scratches the whole family of six is okay. They're staying at a hotel until their landlord fixes the house. Lisa tells me they don't need anything. She's just glad no body was hurt.

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