Sports radio hosts answer calls all day about Dooley's future

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- For some it's not a matter of if Dooley will go, but when. Sports radio hosts have been talking ever since the tough loss to Mizzou. We made the rounds at a few different radio studios where that's all anyone called in to talk about. The message was fire Dooley. It's not the first time we've heard it, but it was loud and unanimous. Fans ticked that Tennessee is only 4 and 18 in SEC play under Dooley and 0 and 15 against top 25 teams. Now they're taking their anger to the airwaves.

Phones were ringing off the hook Monday morning at radio stations across the area. Radio Host Erik Ainge says, "People are upset because Tennessee hasn't publicly made an announcement that Derek Dooley's fired."

Former Vols Quarterback and Radio Host Erik Ainge says people need to be patient because a decision won't come before the Kentucky game, but Ainge says he's done with Dooley. Ainge says, "I'd had enough when I saw Derek Dooley not go for it on the third and ten in the fourth quarter with two time outs and he chose to play for overtime."

After Dooley's weekly news conference Monday, sports animal hosts Will West and Josh Ward had lots to talk about. Josh Ward says, "They're tired of seeing losses. The losses continue to build and Tennessee's falling in the SEC while others are climbing"

As for Dooley's replacement, people have an idea of who they want to see on the sidelines in orange and white. Ward says, "Charlie Strong, the head coach at Louisville, had lots of success. Bobby Patrino who had success, but left with a scandal at Arkansas."

But almost everyone agrees, something has to be done. Ainge says, "We need something to get excited about. This town is dead right now."