State: $56k to copy child death records for media

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- The Department of Children's Services has told a judge that news organizations should pay nearly $56,000 for copies of 200 files on children who died or were seriously injured following state investigations of abuse or neglect.

Deputy Attorney General Janet Kleinfelter said in documents filed just hours before DCS Commissioner Kate O'Day resigned Tuesday that it would take nearly 1,800 hours of labor to produce, redact and copy the records and would cost $27,000 to hire paralegals for the task.

DCS estimated it will take 7,000 miles of driving to transport records to the central office.

Nashville Chancellor Carol McCoy directed the state to estimate the costs after ruling the documents should be released in a public records lawsuit by The Tennessean, The Associated Press and 10 other news organizations.

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