Basketball, not parade, on state champ Fulton's schedule

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-They may be state football champs, but the Fulton High team won't be marching in the WIVK Christmas parade. It has more to do with paper work and scheduling than anything else.

Fulton beat Covington High School Saturday to become state champs. They didn't beat the deadline for Friday's parade.

"Our standard answer this late in the game is no. And the reason is we have the line-up already set. This takes so much planning that one change could affect 3 or 4 things," said Mickey Dearstone, a WIVK spokesperson. The radio station is in charge of the Christmas parade.

The Fulton High School band will be in the parade and could carry a banner that celebrating the state championship.

WIVK said it reached out to Coach Rob Black to see about getting the team in the parade. Black told them the school basketball team has a game against their arch rival at the same time and he didn't think he had enough players to make it worth all the effort to get the team in the parade. And Coach Black told us it all got blown out of proportion and there was a misunderstanding on both ends.

If you want to watch the parade - it will be aired live on WVLT at 7pm Friday and Alan and Lauren as hosts.

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