State tourism marketing targets specific households

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Tennessee tourism leaders are now marketing to specific households that meet certain criteria.

New research by the state is showing experts who would be willing to vacation, their interests and how much money they'd spend.

Tourism leaders developed a one minute vacation concept that people on computers can click on and explore parts of Tennessee.

"Shows you exactly who you want to talk too, You've got great product that you want to put in front of them, and a great way to talk about it, a one minute vacation. We're starting to see some fabulous results on that," explained Susan Whitaker, Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development.

Whitaker says 24 partners developed 15 different spots.

She says the state is also getting marketing help from the music. Popular singers like Dolly Parton take a taste of the state everywhere they go. On TV, the show Nashville, has now been syndicated in 60 different countries around the world.

"People are going 'Nashville, TN? Tennessee?' I've had people from Brazil contact me going we've only taken people before to Florida. We want to spend 4 days in Florida and 3 days in Tennessee," said Whitaker.

Pigeon Forge Tourism Director, Leon Downey, says the new target campaigns is a much more economical way to market. He says with few dollars to go around for advertising, getting destination information in the hands of those who're already interested will help.

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