State-of-the-art movie theater coming to Lenoir City

LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Lenoir City is about to get a big boost to its economy.

A brand new, state of the art movie theater will soon be up and running in the Town Creek Plaza, courtesy of the Marquee Cinemas Company..

"We think we can run 300 to 350 thousand through this facility in a year," says Curtis McCall, president and CEO of Marquee.

They say a big open field at the Town Creek Plaza was the perfect fit.

"We think 10 screens will be very adequate to support the market and give us a chance to play all the product that comes out from Hollywood," McCall claims.

The 10 screens is not all. There theater will 3D screens, stadium and luxury seating. And you will be able to preorder your tickets and pick the seat you want. There will be a bar inside, and McCall says this new theater will be the best of the best.

"Everything will be digital projection, digital sound. It'll be as state of the art as anythign that's being built right now that's operating right now."

Mayor Tony Aikens said this has been nearly three years in the making to get a theater like this to Lenoir City.

"They want a community that supports the theatre, and this community will, Aikens told Local 8 New. "And i think the communities around us as well, will do the same thing."

The plan is to start building almost immediately so that the theater will be open by July.

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